Is It Baby Time Yet

I can’t wait to be able to sleep pain free again. I was up most of last night. My right hand was on fire, and of course, I had to pee. The contractions are steadily becoming more intense. Sometimes I panic and start to hyperventilate. Nice deep breaths. Chris is having me track them now. It’s still varying from 1-3 per hour. They don’t become more frequent or regular. Just more painful.

Yesterday I did a little vacuuming and folded laundry. For whatever reason, it made my whole body swell. My feet looked like giant blisters. Lots of water and hours of having my feet propped up brought the swelling down. It’s a real pity I can no longer knit. Sitting stagnant for hours is pretty depressing. And look how nicely the blanket was coming along!


On Monday, I baked the most delicious chocolate cinnamon bread. Thank God for standing mixers. This really should’ve been easy to make, but I’m unable to stand for more than a few minutes. This bread was totally worth the pain and discomfort. I didn’t make any changes to the recipe. Grace is i love with it, she’s had a slice every day. The recipe makes two loaves, which is really great. I froze the second loaf, but I know I’ll be pulling it out next week. Gotta satisfy my pregnant sweet tooth.


I am so thankful for Chris. He does pretty much all of the cooking now. I sit on a chair and supervise. I can’t handle a knife or anything. He’s a good sport. I’m really looking forward to taking back control of my kitchen. And my knitting.



Getting Closer

It’s getting closer to baby time. Little man is measuring three weeks ahead of schedule. So there will be ultrasounds to monitor his size, and I’ll possibly be induced. My doctor was already thinking of inducing me at 39 weeks (because I am so uncomfortable) but it just might be a little earlier. Grace was 8 lbs 10 ounces, so it’s not really a surprise this baby’s on the big side.

The contractions and cramping haven’t stopped. In fact, they can be quite intense. I still get 2-3 contractions an hour. The cramps are worse than they’ve been in a while, especially when I’m working. My hands tingle and fall asleep constantly. My right pinkie toe is usually numb. I am so uncomfortable. We won’t talk about the carpal tunnel. I try to remind myself that the end is nearing. Some days are easier than others.

It’s a blessing to know our sumo baby is large and healthy. It’s a blessing that he might be born early not because of complications, but because he’s a big boy. I’ll take it. Unless he’s 12 lbs, then you’re gonna have to cut him out, cuz I ain’t pushing! That is a promise. I am really looking forward to stuffing my pudgy boy into some Vikings gear. SKOL!

Always Something

Due to a miscommunication, I spent a few hours in Labor & Delivery yesterday. For over a week I’ve consistently had 2-3 contractions per hour. Monday and Tuesday baby was barely moving. Chris made me promise to call the doctor, so I did. I left a message for her and sat back and waited. It took 2 1/2 hrs for the nurse to call back, she told me to go to the hospital right now. Really?! I didn’t feel that anything serious was happening. But I’m not a doctor, so what do I know?

I was hooked up to a fetal monitor, and guess what? Baby boy attacked the dang thing. And then promptly lost interest. After recording his heart rate, movements and my contractions, they notified my doctor that all was well. Her response? “Oh, I thought she was having over six contractions an hour.” Um. No. Who said that? If I were having that many, I wouldn’t waste time calling the doctor, I would run myself straight to the hospital.

I’m upset that I had to go, but it wasn’t a total waste. Turns out I have a urinary tract infection which could be the source of the contractions. It’s always something. Can this pregnancy be drama free from here on out? Please?  I’ve seriously had enough stress.  It’s time for this baby to be a good boy and behave.

Other than that, things here are pretty mundane. Knitting mitts and baby hats. This weekend I’ll be making some hair bows for my cousin’s baby. Simple and relaxing. It’ll hopefully stay that way. If you’ll excuse me, this mama needs a snack. Toodles!