Greenish Thumb


Things are starting to look up for my garden. Some of the tomato seeds have sprouted!


Isn’t it cute? There’s three more sprouts, still waiting on four. We’re growing 12 varieties because we are crazy. The broccoli is looking delicious.


Some of the cucumbers, pumpkins and one green bean have sprouted. I’m still angry the original plants died. We could’ve already been harvesting! But that’s ok, we’ll get over it. Oh, and I have lettuce sprouts, too!


Why are there so many weeds? 1. I’ve never grown lettuce before, so I don’t know what the sprouts look like. 2. We don’t use pesticides. All weeds are pulled by hand. My garden is massive, and it’s really hard to keep up with the pests. Especially now that I have a newborn. We are a real food family. We try our hardest to stay away from GMOs and chemicals. Plants absorb that crap, and then you eat it. Go read the bottles of fertilizers/pesticides. That’s what you’re eating!

Ok, I’m off my soap box. This has been a great week so far. I’ve been waging war on the weeds, G started her swim lessons, and she made some new friends. I creamed Grace in UNO yesterday. She still secretly thinks I cheated. No, I did not. For the past two nights, Luke has slept for five straight hours. Heaven. If you’re wondering, those five hours feel like heaven. I’m still exhausted, just not as much as usual.

I’m hoping to take a much needed nap soon. I will probably be dreaming of all the delicious meals I’ll soon be making with veggies I grew myself…



Why Am I Still Pregnant

Lord, why am I still pregnant?! I have gained 7 lbs since Wednesday. All water, all in my legs. It’s getting harder and harder to move my toes. Or bend my ankles. My blood pressure was 164/99 when I arrived at the doctor today. After an hour and a half, it was down to 146/74. Better, but not good. There’s protein in my urine which means more preeclampsia testing. Also, I’m not dilated enough to schedule an induction for Monday. Unless I do have preeclampsia. Is it wrong that my fingers are crossed?

Maybe it is. But I’m exhausted. This pregnancy has drained me dry. I’m running on empty. My body aches, and I just want this chapter to be over.


The weather is finally getting nice up here. If only I could go for a walk! At least the baby should be here by planting time. I can’t wait to get my veggies in the ground. There’s nothing quite like eating a salad you grew yourself!


Put Your Party Pants On

FREEDOM!!! Ok, mostly freedom. Little man has moved off of my cervix, and today, the doctor gave me the go ahead to return to work on Monday.  It’s only part time, I can only work up to four hours, but that’s better than nothing!

Chris isn’t happy about it. He worries. A lot.  If he could keep me in a plastic bubble, he would. I have graciously accepted his work restrictions. I am only allowed to vacuum, fold laundry and wipe counters. We will discuss cooking/baking on a case by case basis. I love that man. I love that he worries and fusses over me. He’s pretty spectacular.

In celebration, I ordered seeds for the garden.  This year, we plan on doing a lot of canning, preserving and freezing.  We choose to grow non GMO produce.  This is the second time I’ve order from this farm.  I am itching to start growing!

Overall, it was a good day.  Yes, there’s still a chance baby boy will make an early escape.  But I simply refuse to spend my day worry about something that may or may not happen.  I will take it easy, relax, and not over do it.  Whatever happens, happens.  All we can do is pray and hope.