Bumps In The Road

On Monday I was put on modified bed rest. I had to do a second one hour glucose test. And I failed. Today I had to do the three hour glucose test. It was horrible. Fifteen hours without eating and four blood tests.

You have to drink double the concentrate glucose on an empty stomach. It gives you a splitting headache and intense nausea. I had to lie down between blood draws. They made it clear if I threw up, I would have to do the test over again. No. Thank. You. My arms are bruised.

Hopefully the results will be in tomorrow. On Saturday I’m having a growth ultrasound. The doctor believes I’m having a sumo baby. Which is why I was rechecked for gestational diabetes. And part of the reason I was placed on modified bed rest. My blood pressure has been elevated, also not good.

I am not worried. At this point, all we can really do is laugh. It’s always something! This baby is putting us through our paces. And we still choose hope. It’s just another bump in the road.


Getting Closer

It’s getting closer to baby time. Little man is measuring three weeks ahead of schedule. So there will be ultrasounds to monitor his size, and I’ll possibly be induced. My doctor was already thinking of inducing me at 39 weeks (because I am so uncomfortable) but it just might be a little earlier. Grace was 8 lbs 10 ounces, so it’s not really a surprise this baby’s on the big side.

The contractions and cramping haven’t stopped. In fact, they can be quite intense. I still get 2-3 contractions an hour. The cramps are worse than they’ve been in a while, especially when I’m working. My hands tingle and fall asleep constantly. My right pinkie toe is usually numb. I am so uncomfortable. We won’t talk about the carpal tunnel. I try to remind myself that the end is nearing. Some days are easier than others.

It’s a blessing to know our sumo baby is large and healthy. It’s a blessing that he might be born early not because of complications, but because he’s a big boy. I’ll take it. Unless he’s 12 lbs, then you’re gonna have to cut him out, cuz I ain’t pushing! That is a promise. I am really looking forward to stuffing my pudgy boy into some Vikings gear. SKOL!