My Only Sunshine

Last week we celebrated 11 years together. Later this summer, we will celebrate 10 years of marriage. It’s incredible how time flies, isn’t it? I can say with complete honesty that Chris is no longer the man I married. He’s gotten better with age.

I’m a child of divorced parents. It’s always been hard for me to imagine two people staying in love for decades. People change. They grow apart, they grow bored. I’m amazed that after all these years, we don’t fall into any of those categories.

For the last two months, my husband has done all the housework, grocery shopping, and cooking. He’s taken care of me, our daughter and the dogs while working extra hours. And he’s never complained. Not once. Instead, he did his best to find time to bake cookies, do science experiments and play chess with Grace.  Even now that I’m done with bed rest, he insists on taking on the brunt of the work.  Chris has become the most incredible husband and father, more than I deserve. I love and appreciate him every day, I do my best to make sure he knows it. I am so blessed to have this beautiful family.

We spent yesterday celebrating Chris’ grandma’s 90th birthday. Maxine and Francis have been married for 70 years. Talk about a loving marriage. After all these years, they are still very much in love.  Their easy chairs are close enough to comfortably hold hands.  Fran pushes Maxine around in her wheelchair, helps her bathe, makes sure her oxygen tank is full.  Maxine can’t keep her eyes off of him, she always reaches out to caress her husband.  She looks at him with such love and admiration, it makes you jealous.

I hope that one day, this will be me and Chris. That our love will continue to deepen. I hope we always hold hands.


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