Greenish Thumb


Things are starting to look up for my garden. Some of the tomato seeds have sprouted!


Isn’t it cute? There’s three more sprouts, still waiting on four. We’re growing 12 varieties because we are crazy. The broccoli is looking delicious.


Some of the cucumbers, pumpkins and one green bean have sprouted. I’m still angry the original plants died. We could’ve already been harvesting! But that’s ok, we’ll get over it. Oh, and I have lettuce sprouts, too!


Why are there so many weeds? 1. I’ve never grown lettuce before, so I don’t know what the sprouts look like. 2. We don’t use pesticides. All weeds are pulled by hand. My garden is massive, and it’s really hard to keep up with the pests. Especially now that I have a newborn. We are a real food family. We try our hardest to stay away from GMOs and chemicals. Plants absorb that crap, and then you eat it. Go read the bottles of fertilizers/pesticides. That’s what you’re eating!

Ok, I’m off my soap box. This has been a great week so far. I’ve been waging war on the weeds, G started her swim lessons, and she made some new friends. I creamed Grace in UNO yesterday. She still secretly thinks I cheated. No, I did not. For the past two nights, Luke has slept for five straight hours. Heaven. If you’re wondering, those five hours feel like heaven. I’m still exhausted, just not as much as usual.

I’m hoping to take a much needed nap soon. I will probably be dreaming of all the delicious meals I’ll soon be making with veggies I grew myself…



Adventures In Parenthood

Last night, I finally remembered to put a spare outfit in the diaper bag. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We sat in the main worship area in church today instead of the crying room. Luke did great at first, but started to fuss a bit. Chris decided to walk him around to calm him. So I’m sitting there, and the minutes are passing, no sign of Chris. I kept looking over at the doors whenever someone came into the worship area. I swear at least 10 minutes passed, and I was starting to worry. Finally, I looked at the windows in the doors and there was my husband. A look of sheer, horrified panic on his face mouthing, “Help me! Help me!” Luke had violently exploded his diaper. Ah, newborns! Ya gotta love ’em!

We spent the rest of the day out in the yard. Chris finished building me little walking paths while I tried to contain the weeds. I’m fighting a losing battle, but at least the weeds won’t overtake the veggies this year.


We had a cold snap that killed most of my plants. I had to replant seeds, which really stinks. A few have sprouted, but I’m still anxiously awaiting most of them. Working in the garden is proving to be a great workout for me. I’m not struggling to move around as much anymore. I can do a steady two mile walk and a full yoga sequence. Not in the same day! But I’m trying to build up to that. Getting up and down from the floor is my biggest challenge. It’s amazing how much strength and stamina I lost from bed rest. This was a hard pregnancy, it will be quite some time before my body fully recovers. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a race.

Other than that, we are all still adjusting wonderfully with our new addition. Gracie loves her little brother. That little chunker is hard not to love. She is really looking forward to when we start introducing bottles, but that’ll be awhile yet. For now she is just enjoying holding him and going on our nightly walks together. We try to carve out a game or movie night once a week. Our life is simple but lovely. We are truly blessed.