Eight Months And Counting

I am ready to have this baby. At 32 weeks, I feel as though I’ve been pregnant for years. Sleep has become impossible. Along with a list of other things! If it weren’t for Chris, I wouldn’t survive this baby.

Due to carpal tunnel and joint pain in my right hand, I have become useless. I can’t sleep, knit, cook, I can’t even handle a knife. I stop short of asking Chris to cut my food for me. I have limits. But he does all the chopping when I’m cooking. Actually, it should be “cooking”, he does almost all the work. I supervise. Soon. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’ll all be over before I know it.

On a bright note, the baby room is pretty much done. All it needs is some blinds. Chris worked really hard, and it looks great. I sit in the glider at night and just rock. For almost nine years we’ve been a family of three. It’s really strange preparing for another baby.

We had an ultrasound on Saturday. Sumo baby is measuring a week ahead. Big boy! I wonder what he’ll look like. I have my fingers crossed for a ginger. We are both Scottish and Chris has a glorious rust colored beard that gets redder every day. A girl can dream!


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