Three days back at work. My body is worn out. It hurts as if I’ve run a marathon. My abdomen feels as though I’ve done 100 crunches. My joints ache. Today, I passed out on the couch for three hours when I got home. Isn’t that pathetic?  Luckily for me, tomorrow is my day off.  I don’t intend to do anything but rest.  Maybe bake a batch of Monster Cookies, but nothing too taxing.  Tonight I made an easy supper of Bubble Up Pizza.  It was pretty dang good, just needs a tad more sauce next time.  It was the perfect meal for me to whip up, so very simple and yummy.

What I really wish I could do is exercise.  I had been doing some gentle yoga sequences last week, but I started getting Braxton Hicks.  Now that I’m back at work, the contractions have gotten worse.  I don’t feel safe doing anything more than stretches.  Which are so amazing for my back and legs.  When I was pregnant with G, I would walk for hours every day.  It’s astounding how different pregnancies can be, isn’t it?  My pregnancies are almost polar opposites.  Chris has made it very clear this will our last baby.  He’s convinced I wouldn’t survive another.  Sad, but he’s probably right.  I’m just going to continue getting older, and my chances of complications are just going to keep getting higher.  I choose to never say never.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Worn by Tenth Avenue North.  “I’m worn, even before the day begins. Yes,  I’m worn I’ve lost my will to fight.  I’m worn, so heaven come and flood my eyes.”  It speaks to me. 

Anyways.  It’s time for me to catch up on Elementary.  Jonny Lee Miller is one of my favorite Sherlocks.  Cross your fingers I don’t eat all the cookies tomorrow!!!


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