Impatiently Patient

It’s almost Thursday. Chris still says I’m going to be kept on bed rest, but he very well could be wrong. At this point, I’d be happy with modified bed rest. At least I would have a little more freedom. The baby would probably really enjoy a yoga session right now.

Monday was a rather lovely day for me and Grace. We watched Lemony Snicket, we did some knitting, made play doh ice cream, and she painted me lovely pictures.  There was even some quiet reading time.  Grace helped me make breakfast and lunch, and ate her weight in fruits and veggies for snacks.  I wish I could’ve been more involved and hands-on, but oh well.  We had a wonderful day together, that’s all that matters. 

Tonight, I’m going to have Chris haul my sewing machine upstairs.  There’s a headband I want to make G, and also some hair rollers.  No, seriously.  How cute are those?!    They look really simple and quick.  I have all the required supplies.  The only problem I forsee is being able to sit in a chair long enough to sew them all.  I may have to do a few here and there.  I can’t sit upright for very long.  It gives me horrible abdominal cramps.  I usually don’t even eat at the dinner table. 

I will give it a whirl, if it’s too painful, it can always wait until I no longer get cramps.  Or until the baby arrives, whatever happens first!  For now I have my knitting, and cross stitching.  It’s enough.


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