Focus On The Good

This was a pretty great week. On Thursday, my lovely friend, Anne, stopped by for a visit. She brought lunch, cookies, crafts, books and dinner! We spent a few hours chatting and laughing, it was wonderful. Last night the Bells stopped by with more laughter and bright moments. Faye and I knitted the night away while she planned my baby shower.

It was great to spend time with amazing people. Our hearts were lightened. Hopefully, this week will be as nice. On Thursday I have another ultrasound. Chris told me it’s time to accept the fact that I’ll probably spend a few more weeks on bed rest. I know he’s right. I can barely sit up right, let alone stand or walk for more than a few minutes. But I can hope.

Tomorrow Grace will be home with me. Poor kid. I wish we could go paint pottery or bake cookies. Hell, I’d be happy to simply sit at the table and do puzzles. Maybe we can play battleship, or knit and watch a movie. Grace will most likely end up taking care of me. She is such a wonderful helper.

Here’s hoping for good news at the doctor!


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