Let It Be

The bed rest continues!  It’s insanely boring.  I do my exercises, (this lady doesn’t want blood clots) I knit, watch Netflix and read.  All day.  Every day.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  I watch helplessly as my husband does everything.  Work, cook, laundry, chores, take of G and the dogs.  I can’t help with any of it.  Oh, wait, I can fold laundry.  I fold the hell out of it, too!

Went to the doctor on Friday.  We were informed that if baby is born between 22 and 26 weeks, (I’m 21 weeks now)baby has a chance of surviving.  But.  Baby could be born just fine, in need of lots of care but otherwise ok,or he could be born with serious health issues.  Like severe brain hemorrhaging.  The doctor wants us prepared.  She wants us to discuss how far we want the medical staff to go in order to try and save our baby.

Chris is overwhelmed.  He’s a tad broken, we both are.  It’s one thing knowing that I’m at risk for preterm labor.  It’s one thing knowing that we could lose the baby.  It’s a whole other kind of devastation having to seriously talk about the possible death of our child.  And being the one to make that choice.  Under what circumstances are we willing to fight for our son’s life, and what will make us say, “Let it be.”  Let him rest.

We are hoping for the best, but we are not ignorant of the worst.  We continue to hope, we continue to put our faith in Him.  I remain ever hopeful that all will be well in the end. 


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